Compare the ease of D'Nealian letters to traditional circle-and-stick.

Try writing the word wake. First use the circle- and-stick letters. As you trace the letters, note how often it's necessary to lift your pencil. The more times a beginning writer has to lift a pencil, the harder it becomes to make a legible letter. Now use the D'Nealian letters. Note how few times you need to lift your pencil and how smoothly the D'Nealian letters flow.

Circle-and-stick lower-case manuscript. 11 strokes.

D'Nealian lower-case manuscript. 4 strokes.

The D'Nealian manuscript alphabet cuts way down on common reversals too. For example, how many students reverse the letters b and d or g and p ? There's no problem with D'Nealian letters--because there are no pencil lifts.

D'Nealian Handwriting is a registered trademark of Donald N. Thurber, licensed exclusively by Scott, Foresman and Company, and is used here with permission.