1. It will eliminate the b-d reversal problem.

2. D'Nealian writing provides for normal sized print, not large letters which in reality may be drawing letters, not writing.

3. It aids reading by giving immediate letter to word associations in drill and practice work. This helps build basic vocabulary. Reading and writing are thus correlated, not separated subject skills.

4. Learning is accomplished on a continuum, without a serious break in the development process. 87% of D'Nealian lower case letters are the same as their cursive version. Children easily move into cursive writing when ready.

5. D'Nealian develops the rhythm necessary for the flow of cursive writing.

6. It offers a complete audio, visual, tactile, kinesthetic approach to teaching handwriting.

7. It provides for individuality connected with handwriting.

8. It will improve poor writing of upper grade students.

Remediation: You cannot remediate using cursive writing --it is too complicated. Since D'Nealian lower case letters slide easily into cursive, you learn D'Nealian printing techniques, then go back into cursive style.

D'Nealian Handwriting is a registered trademark of Donald N. Thurber, licensed exclusively by Scott, Foresman and Company, and is used here with permission.